Red Deer & Area Youth Needs Assessment Report April 2017

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Executive Summary

According to the City of Red Deer’s 2016 municipal census, there are 25,925 children and youth between the ages of 0 and 24 years of age living in the City of Red Deer. This number only gets larger when you include children and youth from the towns, villages and hamlets throughout Central Alberta. These young people face a variety of challenges that affect how they learn, adapt, and socialize. These challenges ultimately help determine the person they will become as an adult. Our children and youth represent the future of our society. A strong society is built on educated leaders, passionate and creative thinkers, and people who have had the opportunity to develop their skills and talents.

To better understand the needs and challenges affecting youth in our community, Youth HQ conducted a comprehensive needs assessment regarding Red Deer and area youth programs and services. The process determined the issues and challenges faced by youth, and opportunities and directions for improvement in service provision. This report includes findings gathered from interviews, focus groups, and a comparative literature review. The findings will be useful to municipalities, youth-serving agencies, potential funding agencies, and the general public.

The main outcomes for this endeavour are:

  • Community social issues are identified and addressed
  • Community members indicate and awareness of community social issues
  • Individuals and organizations have the necessary knowledge in place to address

    community issues

    This process would not have been possible without the generous support of FCSS.

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