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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is a mentoring resource for mentors, kids and families, and mentoring organizations. We provide mentors and programs with successful tools, and connect mentors and mentees with local mentoring organizations. Learn more about us!

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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is dedicated to the success of mentoring organizations and programs across the province. We advance mentoring by delivering marketing campaigns through TV, radio and social media to raise awareness of mentoring programs, encourage caring adults to become mentors, and share the value of mentorship through personal stories. Check out our campaigns below.


Perks of Mentoring | 2016

See the unexpected “Perks of Mentoring” through mentors and kids’ eyes. Whether you enjoy the simple things, learn new workplace skills, become familiar with the latest slang, or make a difference in the life of a child, the personal benefits are just as rich as the contribution you’ll be making to your community.
To help us promote this campaign, please contact us at

Don’t Need Superhuman Qualities to be a Mentor | 2013

This campaign illustrates how easy it is to be a mentor to a child. You don’t need superhuman qualities, just human ones. In order to achieve lasting mental health and positive outcomes, young people need to spend time interacting with caring adults. You can help build the foundation for children’s future development simply by giving your time. See all campaign videos on YouTube.

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