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Community Engagement and Communications Lead

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP, the Partnership) envisions an Alberta where mentoring relationships help young people thrive. The AMP is comprised of community agencies, government ministries, government-funded organizations and community members whose goal is to raise the profile of mentoring in Alberta for the purpose of improving the lives of young people.

Since its creation in 2008, AMP has received support and funding from the Government of Alberta and   significant in-kind contributions have also been made by government and non-government members.  The Partnership is currently co-chaired by representatives of the Ministries of Education and Children’s Services and Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area.

About the Community Engagement and Communications Lead

The Community Engagement and Communications (CEC) Lead is a team lead role within the AMP’s Provincial Coordination Team (PCT) that reports to the AMP Executive Team. This is a multi-faceted position requiring the ability to think strategically as well as deliver operationally in the areas of community engagement, communications and project management.

This is a 1.5 year, full-time contract, role with the possibility of extension, that is funded by AMP’s fiscal agent (Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area).

Responsibilities for this role include:

Community Engagement and Relationship Management

  • Analyze existing stakeholders, assess their level of engagement and identify gaps and/or opportunities to strengthen networks and partnerships.
  • Develop a strategic community engagement plan for the AMP (aligned to AMP’s strategic and operational plan, and MENTOR Canada’s regional partnership and network initiatives)
  • Plan, coordinate, manage and complete outreach activities and campaign, in coordination with other outreach activities (i.e., contracted outreach, MENTOR Canada outreach, Indigenous outreach)
  • Work with the Executive Team and the PCT members to establish new collaborative relationships and manage and grow existing relationships.
  • Lead, manage and deliver AMP community outreach initiatives to increase the recruitment of mentors and raise the profile of mentoring in Alberta.
  • Work with community partners to create resources and host events and training opportunities that meet their needs and expectations.
  • Act as the Mentoring Ambassador for AMP building relationships across the mentoring sector and ensure that the Alberta mentoring community remains appraised of global mentoring trends, innovations and research.

Project Management Oversight and Provincial Coordinating Team Lead

  • Establish and maintain project management processes and standards for the AMP
  • Oversee all AMP projects and complete consolidated operational work planning, budget management and progress reporting
  • Guide documents through approval process (e.g., Executive Team and/or Leadership Team).
  • Liaise with the AMP Fiscal Agent Financial Officer to manage documentation, communication and projection of expenditures and communicate information back to the Executive Team.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on the efficiency and effectiveness of AMP’s stakeholder engagement and marketing activities and processes
  • Assist with AMP impact evaluations (completed by external party) and support efforts for continuous improvement of AMP’s internal operations and strategic approaches.
  • Chair all PCT meetings.
  • Escalate issues from the PCT to the Executive Team for resolution.
  • Communicate the Executive Team’s guidance to the PCT.
  • Assist with supervisory and HR functions for PCT positions (i.e., positions descriptions, salary reviews, work plans, and performance appraisals).

Communications and Marketing

  • Develop a communications plan and social media strategy for the AMP, including website planning, key messages, style guide and protocols for different delivery mechanisms (e.g., print, web, social media).
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver marketing and awareness campaigns.
  • Create strong lines of communication with partner agencies in order to work together towards common goals for children and youth.
  • Edit and approve content for the website, social media applications, surveys, advertisements and reports to ensure alignment with the AMP communications plan.
  • Create and promote AMP content through webinars, digital or in-person training, and podcasts.
  • Approve curated third-party content and mobilization through online learning, podcasts, webinars, and digital or in-person training opportunities for the mentoring community.
  • Respond to non-technical stakeholder questions.

Executive Team Support

  • Maintain and update the AMP’s Strategic Plan and Operational Plan (including budget).
  • Keep the Executive Team informed of the level of progress made towards delivery of operational plan initiatives.
  • Provide support for Executive Team and Leadership Team meetings, including assistance with meeting planning and development of pre-and-post meeting materials.
  • Attend all Executive Team and Leadership meetings.
  • Coordinate and follow up on action items that result from Executive Team and Leadership Team meetings.

Minimum Role Qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis on social/community work and/or education
  • Experience:
  • Seven or more years’ experience with:
    • Engagement plan development and implementation
    • Youth development
    • Community engagement
    • Network / partnership development
    • Managing multiple and diverse stakeholder relationships
    • Experience facilitating multi-stakeholder groups and events (virtual and in-person modalities)
  • Five or more years’ experience with:
    • Communication plan development and implementation
    • Planning and delivering marketing campaigns
    • Creating written communications for print and web
    • Developing and managing content for social media
    • Project Management – specific experience managing multiple concurrent projects
    • Managing medium-to-large scale strategic projects in the social sector
    • Managing multiple medium-to-large scale projects simultaneously
    • Managing vendor contracts
      • Technical - Has proven awareness and knowledge base for information management systems and databases. Utilizes social media and other technologies to build networks and platforms like podcasts, webinars, and video conferencing to stay connected to remote contacts.
      • Hours of work: Able to work flexible hours. Organization operates with a 37.5 hour work week and at a 0.8 FTE status would be 30 hours per week.
      • Transportation – Valid Driver’s license and access to a vehicle. Ability to travel within Alberta.


Please forward your resume via email by September 13, 2021 to:

NOTE: All candidates must include a cover letter along with their resume.

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